February 1, 2018


In case you missed it first time around , The Haunted Diary of Victoria Little has been selected by Amazon as a monthly deal. Get it during February for just 99p!



I have read the diary from cover to cover and now I wonder if there is an element of reality in what she has written and that in fact the truth is more terrifying than anything she could imagine. I have enclosed her diary so that you can decide for yourself whether or not there is something happening that would explain her situation and perhaps even find some small way to help her. I am sure that somewhere inside her is the mother that I once knew.


When Mike Travis stays at home to finish writing his next book he doesn’t expect to be embroiled in a new case.


A mysterious letter and diary are sent to him and he soon finds himself battling ancient demons with the help of friends old and new. He believes that Victoria Little is the victim of possession rather than mental illness and sets out on his quest to free her and rid her of the vicious demon Ahriman. The fight takes him into the world of ancient dark magic which has stretched its legacy into lives past and present. Who is connected to this ancient evil and which side of the Abyss do they live on?


Who can he trust?

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