Good news , a serious bit, and plans!

July 23, 2016

This blog post has been a bit late in coming, so I expect you've guessed by now the posts are going to be erratic :) . 


Well, The Demon Ark is finally out on amazon at the great introductory offer of 99p! You can read more about it on the HOME page. I hope you enjoy it as you meet new friends in Lizzie Lee and Roman Woolfe - both of them have surprises in store. You will get to know about the Strazca too - a secret organisation run by Roman Woolfe - and dip your toe in the history of the Knights Templar.


Like my blog posts, The Demon Ark took longer than I originally planned. I'll stick with the old adage that the Gods laugh when men make plans! The last eighteen months have been filled with worry and hospital visits with my husband, as he has battled, and beaten, prostate cancer. I tell you this because it has become a kind of passion of mine. My husband's cancer was detected and treated early, which made the difference between beating it and not. The first step in getting checked is a simple blood test with your GP, and given that prostate cancer is appearing in younger men  recently, it's important to get checked, or get your loved ones to do so. Don't put it off, get checked before symptoms appear. So, that was the serious bit of the blog over.



I have made a start on the third part of the Beckett trilogy and all things being equal, and Gods aside, it should be with you for a Christmas read. I am, however, moving home in the next few months, so will have to keep more than my usual notebook going! It is entitled Sanctuary and features all your old vampire friends, Darius the goth assistant, and who knows ... Jude Mason the werewolf may have a part to play. I haven't decided yet ;)








Hope you enjoy The Demon Ark!









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