On this page you can get to know the characters from the paranormal series. You'll also find a video of Jan reading a sample from her first book.

Recurring Characters

Throughout both series of Mike Travis novels, you will find old friends and meet new ones as characters re-appear in successive books. Everyone has their favourite character, apart from Mike of course, so here is some background information on the main secondary characters.

Beth Travis

Beth is Mike's wife with her own, somewhat chequered past with the paranormal. She was the newly appointed female vicar in the village of Crowsmoor, a tiny village - not much more than a hamlet - on the wild and windswept Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. 

She understands Mike's need to investigate all things paranormal and later to accept the fact that there has to be a line drawn between Hell and Earth, and that Mike is the one to draw it.

She has finely drawn, elfin features, the delight of her husband, and though small in stature, she has a huge heart and matches Mike in the courage department.

She first appears in The Crowsmoor Curse and all successive books.

Adain Travis

Adain is Mike and Beth's daughter who makes her debut in Long Shadows. She was born with special gifts - telekenesis, and a profound psychic awareness. These gifts needed control and awareness and to that end, in The Merlin Manuscript, Adain goes to Avalon for training under the watchful eye of Morgana, Lady of Avalon.

Jack Carter


Mike and Jack met during basic training in the RAF and went on to helicopter flight training together. More like brothers than best friends, Jack played a huge part in helping Mike come to terms with what happened to him after the crash. First appearing in Long Shadows, Jack is always there, like it or not, most often not, when the chips are down for Mike. He can play the clown or he can be deadly serious, but one thing never changes - his loyalty to Mike. 

Jack is extremely handsome - and he knows it and enjoys the fact - gay, and lives in a celibate partnership with his absolute soul-mate, Ben Lovecraft, in Ben's cottage in the village of Skenfrith.

Ben Lovecraft


Apart from Jack, the love of Ben's life is his old faithful rottweiler, Fred. Ben's history is complex - he was a Catholic priest and exorcist, sanctioned by and trained in the Vatican. Corruption in holy orders made him turn away from the church and become a psychiatrist and therapist, yet still not happy, he walked away from that too, and now he custom builds awesome motorbikes to make a living, working on the side as a freelance exorcist gratis.


Ben is a biker in every sense of the word - he's a huge bear of a man with red hair and beard. The hair he usually tames under a red bandana adorned with cannabis leaves - the beard is allowed free reign. His usual mode of dress is black leather biker gear over white collarless grandad shirts and a black waistcoat. Oh, and don't forget the biker boots - always.


His cottage is out of the way and used to be an old shepherds hut turned cottage on the edge of Skenfrith village. There is no central heating - the cottage is heated from an old range that occupies most of his kitchen and a huge open fireplace. There is an interesting basement too!

We first meet Ben in The Haunted Diary of Victoria Little.

Martha Treneglos


Martha is a retired headmistress living in the Cornish village of St. Breward where she terrorised the local tearaways into submission simply by a glare. She doesn't suffer fools gladly and is hugely economical with conversation, not believing is wasted words. She is an avid historian and her tiny cottage is filled with piles of books that have overflowed from the considerable bookshelves. If there is a space, there is a book in it.


She shares her cottage and her life with Cat, a disagreeable moggy that will take your hand off should you try and be friendly.


Martha is a round lady who wears tweeds and sensible shoes, she has iron-grey hair that refuse to be tamed into submission and crowns her head in curls. Her favourite person is Jack, who she sees as a wayward boy heading for mischief - she shows him open affection which is a rarity in itself. 

Martha appears from the very first book The Crowsmoor Curse.

Dai Bricks

Dai Morgan is known affectionately as Dai Bricks by everyone that knows him. Owing his nickname to his trade as a brikkie with his own small building business, he is a man of surprises. Ever wearing his flat cap and an almost permanent roll-up between his lips, he is a member of a group called The Watchers - literally watching for occult activity and intervening where necessary. 

We first encounter Dai in Long Shadows.


Father Paul Beckett is an ex-Catholic priest with a secret - he's a vampire. He walked away from the Church after the death of his sister at the hands of a ruthless vampire, his course set on revenge - a course that ended with him being turned into one of those he hunted. After The Church, he had trained as a psychotherapist and he first appears in The Sin Eater where he befriends Mike in crisis.


Author Video

A short video of Jan reading from The Crowsmoor Curse and discussing the books and characters.

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