Mike Travis: Short Stories


It all began for Mike Travis with a helicopter crash in war-torn Afghanistan that resulted in his being declared clinically dead, before expert combat medics brought him back to life.

But he came back with a gift. He could see ghosts. 

These five short stories bridge the gap between what happened in the immediate aftermath of the crash to his arrival in Crowsmoor, Cornwall, where his help has been summoned in an effort to prevent the return of an ancient evil. 

Beginnings charts his progress from his first encounter with a ghost to his becoming a recognised investigator into all things paranormal. For readers of the series, these five short stories will be familiar territory. If you haven’t yet met Mike, Beginnings can be read as a stand-alone collection of short stories. Or it may just invite you into Mike’s paranormal world.  



A bonus of four Mike Travis short stories for Halloween

Halloween – or All Hallows’ Eve: A night when we can expect murmurings from beyond the veil. Paranormal investigator, Mike Travis, is kept busy keeping spirits and demons away from us at the best of times. But on Halloween he has his work cut out as people meddle with forces that they don’t understand. 

So once the ‘trick or treaters’ have gone home, light the fire, turn the lights down and be prepared to see things in the shadows when you read these four seasonal short stories.



Seasonal ghost stories from Mike Travis

It has long been a tradition to turn down the lights and tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve. I dare you!
Mike Travis gets no peace over Christmas. From a haunted painting, to a demonic Santa, to a scary panto and – oh yes – you know that sweet looking doll; the one that every little girl wants? Uh huh, I’d think twice if I were you! 

Christmas Spirits brings you four more short stories to keep you awake at night, or at least asleep with the light on! 

Some of your old friends revisit at the Christmas Season and we see glimpses of Dai Bricks, Martha Treneglos, Ben - and of course, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Jack!

Merry Christmas All!

Mike Travis: Paranormal Investigator Series


The dead of Crowsmoor are light sleepers.

Some say they sleep with one eye open, keeping watch over the restless ones.

When Beth Trevithick is sent as parish priest to the isolated and scattered community of Crowsmoor, in the middle of bleak Bodmin Moor, Cornwall, she finds a community entrenched in fear and superstition and belief in an ancient curse born of dark magic.


She gets unexpected help in the form of Mike Travis, ex RAF helicopter pilot medically discharged after crashing in war torn Afghanistan, he has turned to his other love, the paranormal, devoting all of his time to paranormal investigation.

Beth soon discovers the fear and superstition in Crowsmoor are well founded and together with Mike fights for her own sanity and her life. 

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When paranormal investigator, Mike Travis and his pregnant wife Beth relocate to an idyllic cottage in rural Monmouthshire, they didn’t bargain for a sitting tenant. The spirit of Adain Powell, brutally murdered by the lecherous and ruthless Judge Llewellyn in 1654, still haunts the cottage and adjoining wood, unable to rest until the truth surrounding her death and the wrongful accusation of her husband for her murder are brought to light.

In the cellar of The Black Mountain Inn, another is stirring. Judge Thomas Llewellyn’s grave is unearthed and his old bones, his very old bones are the focus of black magic ritual intending to bring about his return.

It is soon more than Mike and Beth’s new home that is at stake; it is their lives and the life of their unborn daughter.

Long Shadows is a story of both ancient and present day evil: to be read with the lights on. 


A longer pause and then a lowered tone.
“Jesus Christ, Josh. What have you found?”
An even longer pause.
“The Ark of the Covenant.”

When paranormal investigator Mike Travis answers a call for help, he doesn’t anticipate being flung headlong into Ancient Egyptian secrets in The Sacred Ark. 


An old acquaintance needs his help in his search for proof that his controversial theories are correct, theories which have resulted in him being ridiculed by the world of archaeology. Mike finds himself in the heart of the Sinai desert pursued by government and Vatican hit men, all desperate to find the same thing, the Ark of the Covenant. 


What secrets does it hide and where will it take him? 


'I have read the diary from cover to cover and now I wonder if there is an element of reality in what she has written and that in fact the truth is more terrifying than anything she could imagine.
I have enclosed her diary so that you can decide for yourself whether or not there is something happening that would explain her situation and perhaps even find some small way to help her. I am sure that somewhere inside her is the mother that I once knew.'

When Mike Travis stays at home to finish writing his next book he doesn’t expect to be embroiled in a new case.
A mysterious letter and diary are sent to him and he soon finds himself battling ancient demons with the help of friends old and new.

He believes that Victoria Little is the victim of possession rather than mental illness and sets out on his quest to free her and rid her of the vicious demon Ahriman. The fight takes him into the world of ancient dark magic which has stretched its legacy into lives past and present.

Who is connected to this ancient evil and which side of the Abyss do they live on? Who can he trust?


Paranormal Investigator Mike Travis’s day is about to get way past difficult. His friend, Jack Carter, has been kidnapped, and it all revolves around an old manuscript that was supposedly a copy of one made by Merlin himself before he was magically cast into a crystal cave by his lover and student, Nimue.
Who has Jack? And where is he?

The trail leads Mike to the Inquisition, alive and well on the fringes of the Vatican, with their reaches in his own neighbourhood. They want the manuscript and what it refers to – Merlin and Excalibur. And they’ll do whatever they have to, to obtain their ends.
To save Jack, Mike has to journey back through the veil to Avalon accompanied by Benjamin Lovecraft, ex Catholic Priest and Exorcist, to claim Excalibur and find Merlin. The worlds of magic and legend collide to draw Mike into a quest that leads him to find more than a magician and a sword.

Meanwhile, something scary is happening to his infant daughter Adain. And Avalon seems to hold answers for her too.
Avalon lies mirrored through the veil behind Glastonbury, a mystical land of ancient worship and magic, lost in the mists of what was called long ago The Severn Sea, and Mike must find his way there to rescue Jack and help Adain.

Why not keep him company?


Mike Travis is in trouble, he is displaying all the signs and symptoms of demonic possession with no–one around to help him. On top of which, his old friend and mentor Dai Bricks is also in need of help with only Mike to turn to. Despite his misgivings about his own spiritual and mental health, Mike agrees to go to Dai’s aid.

Well, of course he does!

Together they go to the village of Aberth on the Welsh border, where things are falling apart, as the dead are returning. Dai’s friend, Gwyneth falls foul of the source of the upheaval and it is her death that triggers his determination to put things to rights; a determination that has untold consequences for them all, as an old adversary makes a re-appearance.

Sin Eating is an old Welsh custom where the sins of the dead are removed and assumed by the local Sin Eater, allowing the deceased to pass on without the burden of their sins; it’s an old custom that has not died out in Aberth, and has devastating repercussions.

With the appearance of traditional death omens, such as the Corpse Candle and Phantom Funeral, the village of Aberth is under siege with the clock ticking towards Samhain, the night of the dead.

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