Demon Hunter

It was perhaps inevitable that, sooner or later, Mike was going to find himself on the wrong side when it came to demons, and after killing one of them - a big cheese in the demon world - things got hotter and darker for him. Now he's number one on their hit list, and it's 'get them before they get him'.

In this series, Mike has to learn new skills and old ones too - really old ones ... ancient ones - if he is to survive let alone beat them. Fighting the denizens of hell, he discovers his own demons and falls prey to delayed onset PTSD - as if he didn't have enough to deal with.

Paranormal Investigator

Christmas Spirits
Short Stories:
The Mike Travis Paranormal Investigator series takes Mike from investigating routine paranormal phenomena into deeper waters where he encounters his first dark spirit in The Crowsmoor Curse. And the more he learns, the deeper into trouble he gets, until he encounters and kills a demon in The Sin Eater. Things change then as the demons are out to get him in the Mike Travis Demon Hunter series.

Mike Travis

Mike is an ex-RAF helicopter pilot: 'ex' because in war-torn Afghanistan his helicopter was shot down, leaving him dead. But the expertise of the military medics brought him back to life - with a gift - and now he could see ghosts. Paranormal Investigation was the only way that he could make sense of any of it.

Mike is married to Beth and they live in Brookstone Cottage on the Welsh border - in fact the border runs straight through their garden - in the tiny village of Brookstone on the old Hereford Road from Abergavenny. He's the wrong side of 40, in good shape - he has to be now - and his legacy from the crash is a huge scar that runs the length of his left cheekbone. 

Born Michael John Travis in Yorkshire, the son of Betty and Robert, he was always going to be an Air Force pilot, and made the rank of Squadron Leader earlier than most pilots, though he would emphatically deny any regrets about his vastly different life now.

Gnarly ghosts have nowhere to hide when he's on the case, lonely ones found a friend and lost ghosts find their way home. All was well until Crowsmoor - that's when things got a bit out of hand.

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