Mike Travis: Demon Hunter Series


“... The Demons have declared war on Mike Travis and it ain’t going to be pretty, see. You just offed one of their big boys and his bitch and they aint going to let that go easy down there.”    Dai Bricks, The Sin Eater.


Things just got hotter and darker for Mike Travis after he killed the demon Astaroth in the cursed village of Aberth, Monmouthshire. Now they are out to get him, but not before they make him suffer. He must leave behind the paranormal investigations and become something else, something darker: become a demon hunter.


Unwilling to sit back and wait for the fight, he takes it to them especially when those he loves are targeted by Malgron, a high-ranking demon and brother of Astaroth. His fight strengthens friendships and loyalties but, also brings with it surprising revelations and sacrifices.


As the demons attack those closest to him, Mike must meet the darkness head-on, in a place where darkness itself is spawned and raised.


Nothing will ever be the same again.


Mike Travis is still trying to come to terms with his new status as a demon hunter. He’s been to hell and back and the demons have declared war on him and all those he cares for. Now it’s a case of get them before they get him.

As he tries to understand how to battle the demons and win, he gets a call from an old friend and ally. Josh Hammond, an archaeologist who found the Ark of the Covenant and brought Mike into its purpose and destiny in The Sacred Ark, calls him to inform him that during an archaeological dig in Megiddo, the accepted biblical site of the ultimate battle between good and evil, something is rising - something dark, something evil. The Demon Ark is rising, and with it the means to open every portal to hell on the earth.

His own life is in turmoil but perhaps combatting this evil will bring a solution to his own personal crisis.

Expect to meet old friends and make new ones in this second instalment of The Mike Travis Demon Hunter series.


It’s hard enough being a demon hunter, but what do you do when there’s a demon inside you and, not just that, it’s keeping you alive?


Mike Travis has such a dilemma, on top of which, his family life is in chaos; his wife, Beth, is lost in her own world following emotional and spiritual trauma, and his daughter has fled to Avalon and safety.

He’s glad when a phone call from an old friend takes him to a Welsh village near the Wales/England border. The village is steeped in ‘traditions’ that were keeping an ancient evil at bay – traditions that go back to an iron-age sacrifice that was made to create a pact with a demon. It is Midwinter and the pact has been broken, leaving the demon Mazziqin free to claim her victims.

Midwinter – the Winter Solstice – is a time of death and renewal, of offering and sacrifice. It is a time of dying.

Mike must work with his friend and fellow hunter, Ben Lovecraft, to free this community from Mazziqin and her lover – Lucifer – before Midwinter’s Night.

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