The Beckett Vampire Trilogy


History is repeating itself and Beckett enlists the help of Dr Lane Dearing, herself a powerful vampire, in an effort to save the beautiful Katerini from a sadistic and vicious Undead. Their struggle leads them from the mysterious mountains of the Brecon Beacons in Wales to an isolated monastery in rural Greece where they encounter one of the Ancient Ones who has his own reasons for wanting Katerini.


Midnight Wine is a vampire tale of love, revenge and sacrifice. Vampires are real. They exist. And they are out there. 


Acceptance didn’t sit well with ex-Catholic priest Beckett. And being a vampire wasn’t going to come easy. Struggling with his new life he finds himself helping another whose life has been dramatically changed. Jude Mason is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; but Beckett and the elegant vampire Lane Dearing believe that there is more to it. Much more.


Their efforts to understand and help the man are hampered by unfinished business. In the tiny monastery in Greece, where they believed they had ended the killing spree of ruthless and savage vampires, one has survived. They must return to finish what began years previously with the death of the beautiful newly turned vampire, Katerini.


In Greece, there is as much to lose as to be won and with the stakes high someone has to pay the price.




High in the Carpathian Mountains, Beckett’s nemesis, Vasile Tepes, is contemplating the unthinkable – the resurrection of his ancestor, Vlad Tepes, better known – thanks to the fiction classic – as Dracula. 

Meanwhile, Lane, Beckett’s partner and love, still lies in Greece in the Long Sleep, healing from the near-fatal wounds received at the hands of Tepes, leaving Beckett to watch over things back home, and wait.

Vasile Tepes has invited the elders of the other vampire Houses to a meeting at his mountain home where war is on the agenda – war between the Born and the Created vampires. And he has his eye on his first target – The Sanctuary, where newly-turned vampires can find help.

In this final part of the Father Beckett Trilogy, the future of the Created vampires hangs in the balance. Lives will be lost, lives will be changed forever, and bonds will be strengthened in the final battle in the depths of the Transylvanian winter.

Fans of the Mike Travis novels will be pleased to find him here in this cross-over story. 

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